MIRA ERDA PASSIONATE Mira Erda is one of India’s foremost female open-wheel racers. She began racing when she was nine years old. Her first race came after just 25 days of training as she competed in the 2010 JK Tyre National Rotax Max Championship in India. She managed her first podiums and race win in […]


SHAILI SHAH DREAM Shaili Shah is a singer and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Mortantra – a jewellery-making company. Shaili had the concept for Mortantra when looking for personalized replica jewellery for her wedding. She decided to design her own jewellery after failing to find the perfect piece. As a result, Shaili’s entrepreneurial […]


SHRIYA DAMANI POWER She is the founder and CEO of SkyQuest Technology Group. They are a Global Market Intelligence, Innovation Management & Commercialization organization that connect innovation to new markets, networks & collaborators for achieving sustainable development goals. She has created a team of open-minded, positive, and creative people who stand by the motto of […]


GEETA SOLANKI POSITIVITY Geeta Salonki previously worked as a childbirth educator. She became aware of a graver and broader issue of menstruation cleanliness after meeting several women from varied social and economic backgrounds. This led to the establishment of her organization, UnipadsReusable Sanitary Pads, supported by her former colleagues and friends. Their vision is to […]


RAKSHA BHARADIA Emotional Intimacy Raksha Bharadia is a writer and an editor. She has authored three books published by Rupa & Co. She has put together 13 titles in the Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul series for Westland. She has also worked as a scriptwriter with Star Plus. Also, been a columnist for Femina, […]


KINJAL SHAH PERSISTENCE Kinjal Shah is a biomedical engineer. She works towards the slum education community. She has co-founded and is a trustee member of Shwas NGO – which works for slum child education. They pick a certain community and educate parents on the value of education. In the coming phases, they would rent out […]


SHALINI SHETH AMIN REINVENTION Shalini Seth Amin is the founder of MORALFIBRE – a company that aims to create conscious environmental products. They reinvented the “Khadi” fabric in contemporary style. MORALFIBRE has been short-listed for the Ethical Business award by the Ethical Fashion Forum. Along with promoting Khadi to meet the modern fashion needs, the […]


SUPRAVA MISHRA RADHA Suprava Mishra took to learning Odissi – one of the 8 classical dance forms of India – at an age too young to even understand what dance meant. She is a renowned exponent of Odissi classical dance. She combines tradition with innovation, classicism with creativity, and the ethnic with contemporary. With her […]


SHAINA SHAH LIGHT Shaina began her career as a qualified Chartered Accountant and worked with one of the prominent audit and assurance companies. Her passion for working with people and for Indian grassroots soon pulled her towards joining ICECD (International Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development) – a foundation started in 1986 working for women […]


GIRA SHAH JIV-DAYA Gira Shah believes that every life is precious. She further says that if humans are considered as a superior species, it requires us to be more humane and compassionate towards all the creatures around us as they feel the same pain, hunger and thirst as we do. With this empathetic vision and […]