She is the founder and CEO of SkyQuest Technology Group. They are a Global Market Intelligence, Innovation Management & Commercialization organization that connect innovation to new markets, networks & collaborators for achieving sustainable development goals. She has created a team of open-minded, positive, and creative people who stand by the motto of thinking big and moving fast. The first step of innovation comes with how she has designed the organization to work towards consistent smaller steps, instead of planning to take huge leaps to get there. She is one of the inspiring self-made entrepreneurs of Gujarat.

What is your favourite word?
‘Power’ to me is something so intrinsic and gives you the freedom to operate in all spheres of life. I am not referring to the external power related to politics or money, but the inner ability to make decisions on your own and take control of this life. That to me is exhilarating.

What was the moment in your life that made you Blossom into the person you are today?
When I was in my third grade I always said I wanted to become an entrepreneur. It came from the power I saw in the entrepreneurs all around me. Then I took science, did college, biotechnology, seeing peers do a PhD and this cycle sort of rubbed on me. When I did my master's in art in Pondicherry, I realized peer pressure can only take me until there, and I needed to know what I really wanted to do. During my masters, the flash of light from my 3rd grade when I wanted to be an entrepreneur came and hit me back. I guess it was there when I got on track to where I am now. And it is not from one moment, but a series of small moments that you get that flash of light.

What would you want the young boys & girls to learn from your journey?
Just do it. Take a leap. You always have what it takes to achieve what you want to. Often we are in self-doubt but that’s a good thing too. It acts as a radar to keep you in the right direction.