Hina Shah is the founder of the International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Career Development (ICECD) helping women stand on their feet. She has created a niche for herself with pathbreaking innovative ideas. She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Stree Shakti Award, which was given to her by Pratibha Patil, the President of India, for her contribution to economic development, the Bharat Jyoti Award, the Titan Be More Legend title, and the Project Management Institute's Best Project Award.

What is your favourite word?
Love. I am so in love with myself that I can see it in everyone around me. The ultimate goal for every one of us is to live a life filled with love. I have a strong belief in it.

What was the moment in your life that made you Blossom into the person you are today?
My experiences helped me discover my self-confidence, risk-taking abilities, and goalsetting approach. Being a working woman is still relatively easier than being a woman entrepreneur I put up with them. I confronted them all. When someone told me, 'I can't do it,' it only strengthened my belief that I could. Whatever restrictions and challenges society threw at me only strengthened me and accelerated the realization of my dreams.

What would you want the young boys & girls to learn from your journey?
Entrepreneurship was not a desirable pursuit for many young people when I started my business. There was no suitable education or training for people with entrepreneurial aspirations. But, what my experience taught me is that if you are enthusiastic about what you do, you don't need training. Your curiosity will drive you to learn and get you there. I did, and anyone can. Yes, there are many hurdles when establishing something on your own, but once you figure it out, the freedom and independence you'll have are empowering. That alone is priceless.